Channel Changes!

Got some big changes in store for y’all!

I’m going to be diversifying my content on my YouTube channel, as well as here. If you’ve followed my YT adventures, you know that I’ve mainly offered coding tutorials for my middle school students in Scratch, Python, and Minecraft command blocks. Those will stay and be upgraded as we go.

However, recently I also started a LetsPlay Minecraft series as the insistence of some former students. And that will continue, too.

But I’m going to diversify my offerings going forward. If you know me beyond my teaching persona, you may know that I’m a huge blues fan. I play the guitar and sing under the name of Chicago Bob. And in the interest of being my whole person here, Chicago Bob will be making some appearances!

And finally, I will be launching a podcast series here. The general topic will be learning. The center of the wheel will be project-based learning, but the spokes will branch out to student voice and choice, intrinsic motivation, grades vs gradeless, AI in education, and whatever else catches our attention. If you’re a passionate teacher practitioner on any level, hit me up! Let’s talk.

I do hope you’ll join me on this exciting new adventure, whatever your interest might be. Come for the music alone, or Minecraft, or whatever! Let’s let the good times roll!

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