The Magic of Minecraft

What is it about Minecraft that is so captivating, engaging, and just plain fun? I’ve been playing and teaching Minecraft for over 10 years now, running Minecraft Clubs in my schools, coding Minecraft, working with content creators, serving as a MInecraft Global Mentor, and doing LetsPlay’s and tutorials on my YouTube channel. And I’m constantly […]

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What course would you like me to teach you?

I can teach any of these things. What would you like to take a course in?Kodu game designMicroBitsCommand blocks introCommand blocks intermediateAgent coding in M:EEScratch game designVirtual roboticsIntro HTMLTurtle LogoRaspberry Pi and Python codingPython game design with PygameBeginner Lua Coding RobloxRetro game design with ArcadeSonic PiProcessingUNO beginner

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