Let’s Code Cool Stuff!

Come learn with me. I’m CrouchingPython, also known as Bob Irving. I’m an accomplished classroom teacher with 20 years of experience in teaching computer science. My specialties include Minecraft: Education Edition, game design with Kodu, Scratch, and Python, physical computing with Raspberry Pi and microBits, and robotics. I have created an approach that has kids running into the classroom, eager to keep working on their projects. I call it “Hard Fun” — it’s fun for sure, but it’s not easy! However, the combination of student choice, hands-on learning, and big projects is pretty magical. If you’d like to learn more about it, let’s talk!


Individual and group instruction available, using my engaging Hard Fun approach: hands-on, project-based, just-in-time learning!


Coding curriculum that is project-based and engaging — Python, Scratch, robotics, game design, Minecraft command blocks, and more!


Are you a teacher looking for help in building a computer science curriculum? Want to see daily excitement in your students?


My YouTube channel has podcasts, teaching videos, and up close profiles of my class in action.


STEVE ISAACS, Education Program Manager at Epic Games

Bob Irving is my go to when it comes to middle school computer science. He has a keen sense of what is meaningful and engaging when it comes to teaching otherwise intimidating programming skills to young people. A true inspiration for sure!”

JARED O’LEARY, PhD, Director of Education and Research, BootUp PD

Kudos to Bob for creating a pedagogy that uses a multitude of programming languages and platforms, but also empowers students through a focus on voice and choice.

DOUG BERGMAN, Curriculum Manager, Udacity

Bob has figured out how to do CS in middle school. Not only does he explore cool technologies that work great in the middle school classroom, but he knows how to structure the learning environment so that student choice, projects, and passion are the driving force behind the learning.